Saturday, June 15, 2024


Instructions (Please read!! Information updated as of Jun 2024)

Website is now HTTPS secured.

(Contact us:, for broken links, or 

any enquiries regarding payment)

We seek every customers' assistance to avoid raising dispute with PayPal, kindly drop us an email as above and we will help you. Thank you for your kind understanding.

1. Browse through the blog catalog and click on "Buy Now" to make purchase.

2. You will be redirected to paypal for login.

3. After login, click on the pay now button.

4. Click on "Return to Merchant"

5. You will be redirected to the link and password for your purchase.

6. go to the link in step 5 and click on download button to download the zip package.


7. After download unzip the file with password provided in step 5.


8. Enjoy. Please contact for broken link or not able to get video after payment. OR any related problems. We are happy to assist you.

9. How to unzip files on other platforms:

How to unzip on windows 7/8/10:
Windows own zip system is giving errors!
WinRAR is able to extract without errors.
Download & Install WinRAR from:

How to unzip files on android:
How to unzip files on IOS:

If you are faced with google download quota exceeded, watch this video on how to bypass:

VLC Player is recommended play a mixture of universal format videos:

All our videos are best played in Microsoft windows 7,10 with VLC player:





  1. Hi:

    I paid the video of twprettytramp, but I cannot download it.

    Could you please fix the problem and send me an email so I can download it again?



  2. We have sent an email to the qq email you have used for your purchase.


  4. I paid for the video schshoes but dont have the link, can send email me again for the link to download?

    1. Please write in to, let us know the date and transaction ID of your receipt. we will reply with the link.
      Thank you